Hafan Newyddion Rhestr Map o'r safle Digwyddiadau Polisi Cwci Hygyrchedd Gwybodaeth

Pioneering marketing campaign heads for a photo-finish in the Valleys

An exciting new campaign by ‘The Valleys That Changed The World’ project is about to hit industrial heritage sites in the Valleys.

Aimed at taking visitors on an adventure - it has given a modern twist to the traditional idea of industrial heritage trails by using photo-boards and social media to engage people with ‘pioneers’ from the Industrial Revolution who embody the spirit of adventure and expectation faced by the hundreds of thousands of people who rapidly moved in to the area during this exciting period in Welsh History.  

To download the trails:

  • Visit: www.visitblaenavon.co.uk/TVTCTW/Pioneers
  • Follow us on Facebook (The Valleys That Changed The World) or
  • Twitter @TVTCTW 

‘The Valleys that Changed the World’ project is led by Torfaen CBC on behalf of a public, private and third sector partners and has received funding from Welsh Government via Visit Wales.

Wedi ei bostio ar Dydd Iau 5th Ionawr 2017