About the Blaenavon Digital Passport

Welcome to the Blaenavon Digital Passport App, a digital tool to help you discover the rich and varied history of the town of Blaenavon and the surrounding industrial landscape.

Time Travel in the Blaenavon World Heritage Site

The ‘Virtual Reality’ experiences will take you back in time using 360-degree films.  They can be viewed directly from your phone; by using a cardboard viewer; or by using a VR headset.  There are three films, and each one will take you back to the 19th and 20th centuries, where you will see what each location looked like at that time.  A narrator will tell you about the history of the site and how it would have been to live or work there.


The ‘Trail’ function will allow us to take you on a number of tours of the town and surrounding area, using historical images, text, audio and video to give you a brief history and background to various points of interest.

  • To start a Trail select the 'Trail' option from the main menu
  • Select the Trail you wish to follow and click 'Start the trail' to commence your tour
  • Depending on the Trail selected, the Passport will display pictures, text or play audio. To move to the next point of interest on the map, simply tap Next. To return or replay a previous point of interest, tap Back
  • If you wish to view the map again, tap Map at any point.
  • You may find it useful to either turn off or increase the time of your phone’s Auto-Lock (Settings->General).

Please note: when talking a tour please be aware of passing traffic or other pedestrians. For further information on any aspect of the trails, please contact the Tourist Information at the World Heritage Centre, Tel: 01495 742333

Spotters Guide

As you walk and enjoy the trail, please use the spotter guide by pressing the 'eye' icon on the tool-bar. Click the spotted image and your score will be shown when you press the button at the end of the trail.

Blaenavon Mobile Website

Find out opening times and contact details of attractions, and look at events going on in the World Heritage Site, by visiting the Blaenavon website. You can access the website direct from the Digital Passport by tapping ‘Visit Blaenavon Website’ from the main menu.

Please note: that to access the website you will need to be connected to wifi or have a good 3G internet connection. Your network may charge you against your mobile tariff when connected using the cellular (3G) network.

QR Codes

Scattered around the Heritage Town and Industrial Landscape, you will find a number of QR codes. Scanning these will give you more information on the point of interest, or play a video/audio showing how life was during the areas industrial heyday.

In order to scan a QR code, you will need to have a QR code reader installed on your phone. If you don’t have one already, you can install one from the ‘QR Codes and Readers’ link from the home page.

Please note: this will take you to the App Store with a suggestion for a QR Reader. Torfaen County Borough Council is not responsible for third party applications and does not promote any specific QR reading software.