Time Travel in the Blaenavon World Heritage Site

Travel back in time at the Blaenavon World Heritage Site and experience the 19th and 20th Centuries first hand with our virtual reality films.

Step back to when Broad Street thrived as a commercial centre for the mining community, when the World Heritage Centre was a school for the Miner’s children and the Big Pit was at the peak of its production. Meet the people who lived and worked in each location.

Watch the films online or access them on your phone or tablet to experience the history of Blaenavon in virtual reality. You can also view the experiences using a Google Cardboard Viewer or VR headset.

If you want to fully immerse yourself into the experiences, visit the Blaenavon World Heritage Site and use the Time Traveller’s Benches, located at the Big Pit; Blaenavon World Heritage Centre; and Broad Street, Blaenavon, and watch the view we see today transform to the past.

These are 360 videos. Move your device to look in all directions.