Theme - Cutting-edge Technology

The importance of the Industrial Revolution cannot be under-estimated; it transformed the economic and social fabric of cultures whose economies had been hitherto based on farming for millennia, and led directly to the development of the modern world.

The economic development of South Wales during the Industrial Revolution was accompanied by technological innovations particularly in the fields of iron and steel making, transport and civil engineering. The Blaenavon Industrial Landscape is an important place of study of the Industrial Revolution and it is an ideal venue for schools studying changes that happened in Wales, Britain and the wider world between 1760 and 1914. There are remains of ironworks built in the late 18th century or the early 19th century at various places in Britain but none is as complete as at Blaenavon, which encompasses in addition, sites of extraction of raw materials (coal, iron, limestone), and an elaborate system of land and water transport, and contemporary human settlement sites.

The information resources within the Blaenavon World Heritage Centre provide an excellent starting point and stimulus to a study on this theme. Important innovations are highlighted throughout the exhibitions and the consequences of these events and developments can also be explored. Our topic web below provides some suggestions for developing the theme of ‘Cutting-edge technology’.


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