The legends behind the industrial story of the Valleys That Changed the World!

Here in South Wales, we are very proud of our industrial heritage. During the Industrial Revolution, this little corner of the world went global! A landscape of roughly 25 miles long and 70 miles wide played host to: the biggest iron and copper works in the world; the first true train journey; the largest lump of coal; and technological advances that shaped the modern world. Our list of industrial facts and firsts is endless and even includes a few 6 foot long spanners!

But the real power behind our industrial story was the people. From canny incomers who took a risk on setting up industries in a virgin land and on a scale never seen before… to brilliant minds whose inventions helped shape our modern world… to social reformers who sometimes made the ultimate sacrifice in their struggle to make life better for ordinary working people.

These are our legends, or as we like to think of them, Leginds and Legindary places.

Click on the image below to download a trail to explore these inspiring Leginds!

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