Marketing Toolkit

‘The Valleys That Changed The World’ is an initiative that gets heritage partners working together to promote and interpret the story of our industrial past. To date, over 60 organisations have volunteered to be part of this network including National Museums Wales, National Trust Wales and Cadw, and that number is growing. ‘The Valleys That Changed The World’ is also part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

Through this project we will be developing joint working initiatives as well as providing practical support in terms of knowledge building, networking and marketing. This toolkit is an important part of the project. 


The Valleys of South Wales made a huge contribution to the industrialisation of the world we live in today. Our furnaces were the cradle of industrial invention and adaptation; our iron provided the ammunition aboard Nelson’s HMS Victory, while our copper protected its hull; our rails opened up the continents; our high quality steam coal fuelled travel on land and sea; our tinplate transformed how we preserved food and drink, and made many household goods more affordable. All the time, this revolution was reshaping our landscape and our communities - creating heroes and villains, icons and ideologies.

No single site can tell the huge story of our industrial past, but collectively we can. This initiative is all about linking our sites together to give our visitors and our local people a fuller, more vibrant and exciting idea of the impact this relatively compact area had on the global stage. 

What is the toolkit and why is it useful to me?

The toolkit provides simple ideas and advice as to how you can use ‘The Valleys That Changed The World’ concept to help you market your site and make the overall ‘offer’ in the area more attractive to visitors by showing you are part of something much bigger. Download the Toolkit here.

We have included useful copy that you can cut and paste in to your own websites, leaflets and press releases etc. We’ve also included some stock images and provided advice on how to use images from Visit Wales’ vast collection. There are also practical suggestions re using the social media channels that link to the project, a list of handy specialist contacts, advice on getting your stories on to the national stage plus links to VW’s marketing toolkit and much more.

We hope you find it useful!

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