Valleys Heritage Pioneers

Can you imagine leaving your home, family and friends behind and setting out for a ‘new life’ somewhere completely different to anything you or indeed, anyone else had ever experienced before?

Welcome to the Industrial Revolution!

…A time when hundreds of thousands of people left their hand-to-mouth existence in the countryside, in search of a better life. They came in their droves to the mineral rich iron and coal fields of South Wales – creating new communities almost overnight.

Why not share in their adventure by following in the footsteps of one of our Valleys Pioneers? Simply download the trails in the link below. You can chose from Hetty, Jack or Tim; or follow all three as they discover the highs and the lows of life here during the Industrial Revolution. You’ll encounter some great heritage sites on your way and earn your place in history as a Valleys heritage pioneer!

Click on these postcards to discover more. 

Hetty 1