The FLP team has consulted widely to produce a leaflet which helps explain what common land is, who has rights to use it and what those rights are. It also provides helpful information on how, as a visitor, you can make the most of your time out in the open countryside of the World Heritage Site.

Before we go for an extensive and expensive print run, we would welcome your comments just in case there are any ways it could be improved. If you would like to comment / make any suggestions, please email or write to Steven Rogers, Blaenavon World Heritage Centre, Church Road, Blaenavon, NP4 9AE or write to Steven Rogers, Blaenavon World Heritage Centre, Church Road, Blaenavon, NP4 9AS

Download a copy of the CommonSense Leaflet here.


The 10 point Code of Conduct

  1. Slow down on Commons roads and look out for wandering livestock, wildlife, walkers and cyclists
  2. Please don’t feed the animals on commons as this encourages them to the roadside and puts you and them in danger. Don’t interfere with, or try to help, animals even if you think they are in distress - call 01495 742333
  3. Avoid driving or parking on the commons in front of gates and stiles or in the by-pass areas of cattle grids and narrow lanes. Driving on commons is illegal.
  4. Don’t disturb or remove wild plants and animals from the commons. Many of the habitats of common land are rare, fragile and protected by law.
  5. Garden waste, including grass cuttings, may be harmful to livestock and can introduce unwanted plants onto the commons. Please compost your waste at home or contact the local authority about municipal composting schemes.
  6. Leave gates as you find them, unless signed otherwise. Commoners may leave gates open to allow animals to move between field and common.
  7. Consider the landscape, people and wildlife. Take your litter home.
  8. Always keep dogs on leads around stock and under close control at all other times. If you cannot ensure your dog will return when called, keep it on a lead at all times.
  9. If you see a fire on a common with no one in attendance call 999 immediately
  10. Commons are not campsites. For information on campsites in the area contact the Blaenavon Tourist Information Centre