Forgotten Landscapes

The landscape is as important as the built heritage of Blaenavon – yet sometimes it was felt that it was a “Forgotten Landscape” when people were considering the World Heritage Site.

To address the balance the Forgotten Landscapes Scheme was established to deliver a set of projects which collectively aimed to:

  • Help conserve and promote the heritage landscape.
  • Engage and mobilise local people to increase community participation.
  • Improve access to, enjoyment and understanding of, and provide people with the skills to conserve their heritage landscape.

This holistic approach aimed to establish a sustainable future and to act as the next step in creating a world class heritage asset for all to learn from, access and enjoy.

‘A World Heritage Site and its landscape setting in an excellent state of conservation, understood, accessed, enjoyed and cared for by all -managed through strong community partnership and involvement.’

The Scheme was successful in being awarded £1.6 million from Heritage Lottery Fund, which with match funding ensured that a budget of £2.5 million was available to implement the programme. Work started in June 2010 and ended in May 2015.

Full Scheme Details

The following documents provide full scheme details for the Forgotten Landscapes project:

Section 5

Conservation and Climate Change - Programme A

Community Engagement, Education and Training - Programme B

Visitor Management and Interpretation - Programme C

Implementation - Programme D

There are also a number of reports which provide additional details on the Forgotten Landscape Project and local area.