Heritage Building Workshops

The Blaenavon Townscape Heritage Programme is working in partnership with Blaenavon Civic Society and the Tywi Centre to deliver a series of FREE online workshops focusing on building conservation and maintenance within the Blaenavon Conservation Area. To date, we have run three workshops which included:

Workshop 1 - Monday 12th July 2021, 6pm - 8pm

Understanding your old building- what makes an old building different from a new one?

  • Local distinctiveness - importance to our communities
  • Local materials and methods
  • Significance - links to the past and preserving for future generations to enjoy
  • Listings and other legal protections

Workshop 2 - Monday 19th July 2021, 6pm - 8pm

Why old buildings need to breathe: historic construction, materials and methods

  • Lime - properties and uses
  • ‘Breathability’
  • Consequences of using inappropriate materials
  • Buildings and health
  • Sustainability

Workshop 3 - Monday 9th August 2021, 6pm - 8pm

Repair and maintenance

  • Common causes of decay in old building
  • Benefits of good maintenance- retaining value, sense of pride, plan and budget for more expensive works
  • Benefits of good repair- saving money, prevent more serious problems
  • Maintenance check lists

Due to Covid, the workshops were facilitated by Blaenavon Civic Society and delivered via Zoom by the Twyi Centre.

The below PDFs provides you with information relating to those workshops. Further workshops are planned for 2022.

Website: www.blaenavoncivicsociety.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/blaenavoncivic