World Heritage Day Parade

The THP is working with the World Heritage Committee, focusing upon linking the community to the annual parade through our work with Ygsol Bryn Onnen and Blaenavon Heritage Voluntary Controlled School. The 2019 parade focussed on ‘people that help us’. 

Due to Covid, the event in 2020 was cancelled, however 2021 saw the creation of a ‘social media’ event. Head4Arts worked with Ysgol Bryn Onnen and Blaenavon VC Schools to produce an online Art Galley and poetry based upon:  "Recognising the value of our Town Centre". These can be viewed at

This year sees the formation of Blaenavon Heritage Team. The theme is The Town Centre through the ages (Broad Street). The event is planned for Saturday 25th June 2022. There are lots of opportunities for community groups and community members to get involved.

The Town Centre through the ages     The Town Centre through the ages (Broad Street)

For further information contact:

Seren Gunningham

World Heritage Day Parade