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The Story of Frost, Williams and Jones - Three Welsh Transported Political Convicts

A FREE Lecture at Big Pit National Coal Museum, Saturday 12 November, 1.30pm

Join Les James as he talks about his book 'Render the Chartists Defenceless' which relates to the treatment of the three Welsh Chartist leaders following their trials at Monmouth.  Find out more about their voyage to Van Diemens Land aboard the 'Mandarin' convict ship, the efforts of the authorities to thwart sixteen years of campaigning to secure their freedom and how the press and government silenced John Frost on his return in 1856.

Discover how Les researched at Gwent Archives, Newport Library, National Library, the National Archives at Kew and used Australian and British sources available via the internet, such as newspapers, home office and colonial papers, census and family history records. Much of this ground breaking work is the result of teaming up with others, such as the recent discovery of what seems certain to be the original 'Confession' letter written by Zephaniah Williams aboard the 'Mandarin' in 1840.

Les will also share some of his work on a 'prequel', due to be published in 2017, about John Frost's life in Newport.

Posted on: Sunday 6th November 2016