Britain's oldest Mayoress

Britain’s oldest mayoress has proudly returned to the role for the second time – at the grand old age of 93.

Dedicated Councillor Phyllis Roberts is putting on her mayoral chains once again – 47 years after she first held the title.

Widow Phyllis serves as mayoress on the community council in the former mining town of Blaenavon  near Pontypool. And she insists that age is just a number as she proudly returned to the role she first held in 1970, when Elvis Presley was topping the charts and a loaf of bread cost just 9p.

Phyllis said: “If you set your mind to it and you want to do something, you can do it. I don’t feel that old, so I just want to get down to it because I don’t like a fuss. One person told me that I was the oldest mayor in Britain but I didn’t stand for the council with any thoughts of becoming mayor.

Posted on: Friday 9th June 2017