Walk and Explore

The Blaenavon World Heritage Landscape is an ideal place to explore by foot. Covering 33km2 the landscape is filled with a wealth of historic sites, ranging from prehistoric remains to reminders of the area's industrial past. Combine this with the undulating landforms and the fantastic views and you have the perfect base for a short stroll or a challenging weekend of adventure.

The experienced walker can, of course, pick up an OS map and create their own unique route around the area. For the less experienced we have created a range of walk packs which will take you safely around the landscape and will also bring to life the features and sites that you pass. You can download these packs or call into the World Heritage Centre in Blaenavon Town to pick up a copy and to chat with the staff who will be delighted to help you identify which is the best route for you and your family.

Important Information

Whilst it is very easy to get around the World Heritage Landscape, it is important to be prepared when you are walking anywhere. So to be safe:

  • Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Remember that the weather can change quickly in this landscape so please be prepared!
  • Bring a drink and any food that you require
  • Make sure you know where you are going before you set out and also make sure that people know where you are going and when you will be back
  • Follow the Countryside Code – look after our landscape

For more information please download a copy of CommonSense. This little booklet will tell you all about common land, it’s do’s and don’ts and, importantly, who to contact if you see an issue.