Blaenavon Digital Passport

There is so much to explore in Blaenavon World Heritage Site that we’ve created the Blaenavon Digital Passport to help you discover, and enjoy, the story of a landscape that has been ‘transformed by industry, reclaimed by nature and is being managed for the future’.

You can access the "Blaenavon Digital Passport" and go on an audio tour of Blaenavon Heritage Town with your tour-guide “Lewis Browning” who lived in Blaenavon in 1906; or follow the “Hidden Landscapes of Forgeside” trail and see how the landscape played an integral part in the Industrial Revolution. You can even experience Blaenavon in the 19th and 20th centuries through our time travel virtual reality experiences.

Please note the Blaenavon Digital Passport is optimised for portrait mobile devices. If you are viewing it on a desktop you will need to reduce your screen size to view the passport correctly.