Explore Blaenavon Heritage Town

Before the Ironworks was established in in the 1780’s, Blaenavon was a very small settlement with farmers living a quiet life in their remote homes.

The opening of the Ironworks encouraged people from across the UK and wider afield to travel to Blaenavon in search of work. So the town grew, streets filled with shops, chapels, beer houses and family homes. The arrival of the railways and the opening up of coal mines encouraged further expansion, resulting in the town you can explore today.

As part of your visit to Blaenavon World Heritage Site make sure you explore the town, only a few minutes stroll from the World Heritage Centre, where are well as discovering the story of the town you will also have an opportunity to visit some of the unique retailers – including specialist shops and welcoming eateries.

You can access the "Blaenavon Digital Passport" and go on an audio tour of Blaenavon Heritage Town with your tour-guide “Lewis Browning” who lived in Blaenavon in 1906, or pick up a leaflet of the walk from the Blaenavon World Heritage Centre, or download a pdf version here.